The audit of the Central Bank will affect suspicious financial institutions

The initial audit of the Central Bank for suspicious organizations is now carried out by the robot Artificial intelligence will help the Central Bank to look for suspicious financial organizations with signs of pyramids. In February…

In the US, the transaction costs of merchants firms will be charged from customers

End consumers will begin to cover the transaction costs of the firm An experiment took place in supermarkets in the United States. In order to fight for the environment there was a ban on plastic bags, which were previously issued free…

Acquiring is expensive in Russia. How to make it cheaper?

Why is acquiring expensive and the cost of services reaches up to 3%? One of the urgent problems of modern business is expensive acquiring. On the one hand, the state requires consumers to be able to pay with debit card for goods and services. On the other hand, the fees for acquiring are not regulated by any legislative acts. Russian retailers and refuellers appealed to the Ministry of Finance…
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