ATM technology

Technologies of ATMs of Alfa-Bank

Alfa-Bank is introducing innovations for its customers. In January 2019, the financial corporation is testing new ATMs. The peculiarity of these devices is that the equipment does not print checks and does not accept debit or credit cards. In early January 2019, Alfa-Bank presented its new development: contactless ATM. Users can use it with a smartphone or a new sample card. According to the representatives of the bank, the new development has a touch screen. Also, contactless synchronization will occur thanks to the built-in NFC receiver. Thus, the client of the bank only needs to bring a smartphone or a special card to the area of the NFC chip, then the account owner enters his PIN code and gets full access to the service.

By the way, new ATMs also know how to work with already known payment systems. This includes Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Garmin Pay. Using the new product, customers can perform the same operations as on standard ATMs. Namely: withdraw cash, check balance, make payments and transfers. As stated above, the Alfa Bank innovation will not have a built-in printer for printing receipts. Users will be able to receive receipts on mail linked to their account. Currently, the new ATMs are installed in two locations — in the central office of Alfainsurance JSC and in the central office of QIWI Group.

Innovative technologies of ATMs

Alfa-Bank decided not to stop at some technological ATMs. Immediately after them, a popular financial company presented its innovation related to biometrics. Thanks to the new service, users of services of this bank can have access to remote services of the organization. In addition, Alfa-Bank allows such customers to issue payment cards without repeated confirmation of identity.
For the first time, the bank presented this service in the framework of the forum Finopolis. Everyone who was present at the event and wanted to try the new development first, had the opportunity to approach the stand Rostelecom and instantly order an alpha map through the application “Alpha-mobile”. Then the user could link it to Apple Pay or Android Pay. Immediately after these actions, the map became available for use. By the way, the technology was implemented on the basis of a Unified Biometric System (UBS).

Thus, if the customer had previously submitted his data to the UBS, he could almost instantly use the new service. It should be noted that all biometric data are stored only in the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ECIA), banks themselves only check with it, but do not have access. According to Alexander Sakharov, the head of the Information Technologies block of Alfa-Bank, the management of the company was one of the first to launch the collection of biometric data on 1 July 2018. Thus, by the end of 2018 it was introduced in 99 branches of Alfa-Bank (including 26 in Moscow city and region and 73 in the regions).