Biometric data system

The biometric data system permits to serve bank clients far from branches

The largest national provider of digital services Rostelecom demonstrated a universal system of collecting and processing biometric data of customers. The company reported that this decision was agreed with the FSB and recognized to meet all modern security conditions of data encryption. Thanks to the introduction of the system, financial institutions will be able to remotely service their clients, offering them all basic services. At the same time, the probability of fraud on the part of third parties is reduced to almost zero.

So, the biometric data of the client will work in conjunction with the login and password from the Unified Public Services Portal. Storage and encryption of client data was assumed by Rostelecom. The company also provides reliable communication with the most remote areas of the country, because the main task of the project is to give access to modern banking services to people geographically staying far from bank branches. Another important detail: it is a model data collection and encryption solution and a single information system to which all interested financial institutions can connect.

Biometric Data System demonstrated high encryption reliability

Currently, banks collect biometric data of customers, but they do not have a single database or system. Basically, everything is limited to a few photos and copies of documents. Nevertheless, Rostelecom offers a ready-made product consisting of a number of technological solutions. In particular, a number of key parameters was agreed with the FSS, as the main Russian organization responsible for data security. The list of specialized software, as well as the architecture of the technological platform is defined. In the process of creating a single system, special attention is paid to cryptographic encryption of data. For this purpose the profile contractor is engaged. System integrators will also be engaged in direct implementation of the solution in the information systems of banks.

The technology solution “Key Rostelecom” is designed for remote verification of identity, and was launched in June 2018. It is based on the recognition of a person by voice and face. The system is aimed at detecting fraud cases using imitating biometric data of the client. During the testing of the solution, its high resistance to burglary was determined. Also, you can inform the developers about the emergency situation that occurred during the use of the system using the feedback form.

Rostelecom occupies a leading position in the market of wired, wireless and broadband Internet access. The number of Internet clients of the corporation is more than 13 million people. Revenue of the corporation for the first nine months of 2018 exceeded RUB 233 billion, and net profit — RUB 13 billion.