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Blockchain smartphone will be in sale in London

SIRIN LABS announced the opening of the first store in London, where smartphones with blockchain will be in sale. According to the executives, it will also function as a local public center for meetings of the crypto community and those who would like to learn more about the blockchain. FINNEY is an innovative blockchain-based smartphone operating under SIRIN OS. According to initial data, its price will be USD 999. It will be available in the flagship store in London from January 2019 or through the official website Soon SIRIN LABS will also open its second store in Tokyo, Japan.

FINNEY is a mobile blockchain device with its own built-in crypto wallet combined with innovative technology and design.
The tiered cybersecurity package offered by FINNEY is a super secure phone with an intrusion prevention system based on machine learning. This innovation protects the user from network attacks.

Unique characteristics of the blockchain smartphone

The unique Safe Screen technology is one of the strongest advantages of FINNEY and serves as a gateway to cryptoworld by activating a cold storage wallet. Working on special hardware and software, SIRIN LABS offers maximum security for servicing users tokens. The innovation allows users to verify that FINNEY wallet transactions contain the correct amount, the correct currency and the money are sent to the correct address. This gives users the opportunity to ensure that they are not fooled by malware or hackers. In addition to cybersecurity, FINNEY also offers the highest level of modern design. The phone is framed with glossy metal, mirror-polished aluminum and 3D Gorilla Glass both on the back and on the front of the device. They are accompanied by a metal signature Shield element that surrounds the camera, sensors and fingerprint scanner.

SIRIN LABS Corporation for the first time announced its plan to create and produce the world’s first blockchain smartphone in September 2017, in order to bridge the gap between mass electronics and blockchain economy. On 12 December 2018, the Company launched crowdsale and ICO on the Ethereum platform. It should be emphasized that within 10 hours the organizers collected more than $64 million. According to Zvi Landau, CEO of SIRIN LABS, as from now their customers can go anywhere in the world with a smartphone that meets their needs for first-class security. He also noted that now they proudly sell the flagship device in their own store. Through their partners, they can provide a device that offers users the experience they wanted to convey by creating a SIRIN OS.
Chairman of SIRIN LABS, Kenes Rakishev, expressed the view that London is a diverse, creative and prosperous technology center. By the way, in 2018, the British technical sector attracted much more sponsors than other European centers. That is why, according to experts, it is an ideal option for starting sales of FINNEY, the world’s first blockchain-based phone.