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Corporate Accelerator helps VTB Bank in search and support of technological startups

A large Russian bank VTB announced a startup support program as part of its corporate accelerator, created on the basis of the federal accelerator GenerationS. The bank project was launched in the spring of 2018. In this way VTB wanted to find companies whose technical solutions could be used in the future in the bank. In almost a year VTB received about 200 applications from various companies not only from Russia, but also from European countries. Among them, 32 startups were first chosen, and then the list was reduced to 12 firms. The bank will work with them in the future.

What projects from the VTB corporate accelerator reached the pilot stage

According to the head of the corporate accelerator Ekaterina Petrova, in the last year the remaining 12 companies received business cases from the bank. Their decision and subsequent successes will allow the teams to claim the signing of a long-term cooperation agreement with VTB. It is known that already in early 2019 the bank launched pilot projects from several companies. So far, the details of 7 of them are known. The rest 5 are in the process of cases processing.

Data Fabric is a platform for collecting and storing data based on semantic technologies.

FreshDoc is a documentation designer program that uses a neural network.

Synpatic develops technologies to isolate and evaluate information from intonations and speech.

VOCA-TECH is a personal speech analytics for bank branches.

WantResult is a system for creating target customers.

Ziax is the name of the speech recognition system that is planned to be used in call centers.

AIST is an analytical information system of targeting based on GIS.

One of the top managers of VTB Olga Dergunova said that the bank has already started to connect to interaction with startups branches across the country. This will allow the institution to quickly learn the nuances of new technological solutions and start working with them. The total duration of the accelerator is 3 months. During this time, the teams will pass not only the piloting stage, but also work with mentors, take part in workshops and other events dedicated to business development.