Internet Routing in Space

Internet Routing in Space for Russia

Representatives of Roscosmos officially confirmed the participation of the Russian Federation in the OneWeb project. According to the press service of the state corporation, the launch of satellites is planned on 19 February 2019. OneWeb is a British project that aims to provide Broadband Access to the world. High-speed traffic will be provided by a group of satellites consisting of 672 spacecraft. Startup executives plan to provide the Internet to every inhabitant anywhere in the world. That is why in 2015 Roscosmos, the French corporation Arianespace and the British organization OneWeb signed an agreement on commercial launch of Soyuz vehicles. The shipment was to take place from several sites, namely from the Kuru, Baikonur and Vostochny Сosmodrome.

At first, it was assumed that the launch of spacecraft will take place on 7 February 2019. But by the end of December 2018, their shipment was postponed to a later date. Also according to the original plans of the head of OneWeb, from January 2019 3 space devices will be produced per day for this purpose. According to the Interfax, the first launch of Soyuz will take place on 19 February 2019. The French Kourou Cosmodrome in Guiana will be the departure point. Press service also confirmed sending of the “Soyuz MS-12” vehicle. Its launch will take place on 1 March 2019.

Provision of the Internet Routing in Space

In autumn of 2018, the participation of Russian devices in the international project called into question, as the FSS was concerned about the impossibility to control the distribution of the Internet from anywhere in the world. The parties agreed only after the assignment of OneWeb. The head of the company promised the Russian representatives the opportunity to control the traffic supplied from the satellite group of the country.

Vladimir Ustimenko, the head of the press service of Roscosmos, in a statement in December 2018, said that Dmitry Rogozin will be able to convince Vladimir Putin about the need of the country’s participation in this project. Despite the warnings of the FSS, this is a large-scale cooperation that would be foolish to miss. In January 2019 Rogozin delivered a speech, where he mentioned the OneWeb project. Namely he said that if Russia does not take advantage of the chance of using innovative satellite technologies, Ukraine will get it. In addition, he mentioned the possibility of the Russian Federation participating not only as a partner but also as a satellite supplier.

In such a case, the state can count on a share of the project itself. In total, in the coming years it is planned to carry out more than one and a half dozen launches of Soyuz-2 rocket. Starts are planned to be carried out including from the new Russian platform Vostochny, which is located in the Far East in Amur region, near the city of Tsiolkovsky. It is also noted that on 1 March a rocket will be launched under the program of the International Space Station (ISS). The manual vehicle Soyuz MS-12 will go into orbit. The main crew will include Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin and two NASA astronauts Tyler Hague and Christina Koch.