investment in new technologies

What investment in new technologies will be the most profitable in the next year?

RBC has interviewed managers and staff of major investment funds to determine which investments in new technologies they consider the most profitable in 2019 in terms of profitability. Experts differed in their assessments regarding VR/AR, blockchain, SaaS-solutions. At the same time, they spoke almost equally about car sharing, AI and the use of big data in sales. Private space companies are already ceasing to be the fate of dreamers and in the next year may appear many new services for electric vehicles in Russia. In addition, investors are convinced that the domestic market will be quite limited, so it is better for young startups to aim immediately abroad.

What investments in new technologies will be paid off in the new year?

Alexander Potapov from Target Global is convinced that investment in software is very relevant now, although it may seem boring to someone. He especially focuses on SaaS solutions with loyal customers and high margins. He also paid attention to the fact that people are accustomed to services on subscriptions. Its investment fund plans to support startups that can open premium access to hundreds of millions of people through app – for example, get a personal fitness trainer on your phone for $10 a month. Also, various programs to reduce stress and maintain health will continue to gain popularity. Alexander calls microtransport, for example, the sharing of electric scooters as one more trend. A large number of such startups have already collected the necessary investments for 2018, and Europe will start a real boom when spring comes.

Alexander Gorny from Group proposes to forget about the loud discoveries of the past years and to remove from his investment portfolio all companies associated with bitcoins, chatbots and other technologies” on the HYIP”. Alexander draws the attention of RBC readers to robots and how they will replace human labor in the coming years. For example, automated call centers and self-service in supermarkets. Of course, this is not a new trend, but quite a worthy field for investment. Gorny also named the list of industries, which are invested both in Russia and around the world. These are services of purchase of tickets, delivery of food and taxi. This trend will continue to develop in 2019, the expert believes.

The appearance of the local Amazon is waited in Russia for a long time and it may finally appear in our country. There are several options: it will be or a joint brainchild and AliExpress, or Yandex and Sberbank project. It is possible that Ozon, collecting money for development, will make them a worthy competition. Another important trend is mobile games. This is a broad area of activity that will continue developing. In Russia a couple of masterpieces that will conquer the whole world will surely be created, – Alexander Gorny considers. It will not necessarily be projects of his company, the expert is convinced that there are many worthy studios in Russia. As for SaaS solutions, he does not believe in their investment attractiveness.