owners of payment terminals

Owners of payment terminals and additional profit

According to employees of the press service of Tinkoff, the bank has already started installing its first payment terminals. In the statement of representatives it is said that the first twenty devices can already be found in the territory of Moscow and localities near Moscow. According to the information provided by the bank, this is only a pilot project of the company. During this period, the organization will evaluate the demand for devices and their best location. With the help of installed terminals, customers will be able to replenish their debit cards up to RUB 15 thousand. They also can pay for the services of mobile operators. The money can be deposited by account number, contract, card or phone number, as well as by means of QR-code. Payment terminals became the next step of Tinkoff towards offline activities, as previously stated by representatives of the company. Thus, in August 2017, the bank began to install ATMs. As of January 2019, their total number is 500 devices in 60 cities of the Russian Federation.

According to the press service of Tinkoff Bank, earlier the financial institution was quite satisfied with the equipment of its partners. ATMs and terminals of other companies became points of contact with their clients for the bank, but now the organization has grown to such sizes that the previous volumes are not enough. In their statement, bank representatives also noticed that physical representations will be popular as long as physical currencies exist.

Owners of payment terminals in Ukraine will change currency

At the same time in Ukraine, the National Bank allowed citizens to change currency by means of terminals and ATMs from 1 January 2019. According to the Resolution No. 63 now residents of Ukraine will be able to buy and sell currency through payment devices. Initially, the National Bank wanted to allow only financial institutions to conduct exchange transactions. But after that it decided to allow individuals to sell their foreign funds through payment terminals and ATMs. The National Bank decided to simplify the process of buying and selling currency back in June 2018. The NBU provided financial institutions with a period of six months. During this period, organizations were required to implement technologies in accordance with the new requirements for the use of cash register for currency exchange through payment devices. Besides, financial institutions had to issue the corresponding settlement documents of cash register. Companies were also required to settle the creation of ATM receipts and checks. According to new rules of the National bank if the amount of operation doesn’t exceed the established minimum, and it makes UAH 150 thousand for today, neither banks, nor other financial institutions have the right require the client to confirm the identity or signature on the receipt or cash register document.

According to the UNIAN, on 21 June the Verkhovna Rada adopted as a whole the Law “On currency and currency transactions”. Its purpose is to replace the outdated decree of the Cabinet of Ministers
the Exchange Control and Exchange Control System Act, 1993. Experts assume that its principle will be that “anything that is not expressly prohibited by law is permitted”. The law will enter into force on 7 February 2019.