Sberbank Markets

Sberbank Markets system has been supplemented with an actual chatbot. Now some customer requests will be handled by the online assistant

A large Russian bank will use artificial intelligence in the work of a new chatbot. Sberbank’s online client, created by ARQA Technologies, has already been launched and is currently undergoing the stage of public testing. Its area of application is electronic trading system Sberbank Markets. According to the representatives of the bank, the chatbot will allow the institution to automate some processes, and its clients will enjoy the opportunity to receive prompt responses to their requests. The functionality of the bot will be expanded in the future.

What a chatbot can do and what benefits it will bring to Sberbank Markets customers

One of the main Russian banks is not lagging behind the current trends in its segment. Integration of the chatbot into the online support service is another step of the bank in the field of digitalization of work. The development of the bot will be systematic. To begin with, the main task will be to answer frequently asked questions of users about the details of Sberbank Markets system. After this stage, the online assistant will move on to solving more global issues. It is planned that it will be able to send notifications to clients about the trading process and report about the nuances of payment settlements. Also, the list of its functions in the future will include making deals through chat communication. Thus, customers of the bank do not need to come to the department and spend precious time for this purpose.

ARQA Technologies Technology Company took part in the development of a chat bot that has not yet been named. It was responsible for client software support, functionality and interoperability at interface levels. The chatbot was created on the basis of the NLP platform already working and developed by the bank. To start a dialogue with the online assistant, a member of Sberbank Markets simply needs to write a question in the message window of the trading terminal. Additional actions do not need to be performed, as if necessary, the chatbot will specify the details of the request or connect the client with the operator of the bank if its decision is not within the competence of the program. Vice President of Sberbank Andrey Shetov places great hopes on the chatbot and notes that the development already brings benefits. Thus, it has already automated part of the processes for interaction with clients, and in the future its activity will grow. In turn, Director of Development of ARQA Technologies Vladimir Kurlyandchik is glad that as a result of cooperation the two companies managed to create such an effective chatbot.