technologies of biometric identification

Biometric identification technologies will be in banks

According to the 2018 report, more than 20% of Russian banks have already joined the unified biometric system. As a result of this participation, customers had to forget about going to the branch of the financial institution after they provided their data. However, in fact, users are still going to the local office of the bank. The first reception of biometric information began in July 2018. It was then that Russian financial companies created a centralized database for collecting and exchanging customer data. And by the end of the year, banks had to present the results of the collection. By the way, initially the initiation of the base was appointed back in 2016. At that time, it cost the Russian state about RUB 300 million, not to take into account the expenses of representative offices of financial institutions.

Even then, immediately after the announcement of the idea of creation of the Central Bank, 24 banks gave their consent to participation. Among the top ten were Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff, Raiffeisenbank, Alfa-Bank and Post Bank. However, a survey of Vesti correspondents showed that mission staff had not been sufficiently instructed on the procedure for data delivery. Namely in Sberbank branches journalists were unable to enter their biometric information.

Status of biometric identification technology

According to the representative of Alfa-Bank, the development is still in quite raw condition. According to them, even if the customer submits all the necessary biometric data, the bank still cannot guarantee that the user no longer needs to visit the physical representation. This is caused by the delay of institutions, experts say. After all, until now no remote services have been presented by them.
Alfa-Bank does not deny their failure. According to their press service, even issuing a debit card now can’t be carried out remotely. Not to mention giving out a loan which is considered a risky service itself. Representatives of banks do not yet undertake to promise anything, but they hope that by the end of 2019 a single biometric system will become more operational. Sberbank keeps silent about this.
Ironically, out of all 24 banks, only Tinkoff is ready to provide a remote debit card issue service.

But since it does not have branches in principle, the bank provided this service before the introduction of a single biometric system. According to the representatives of Tinkoff, the new user only needs to download the application and if the information is available in the EBS, he can open a new account. By the way, since 2014 the bank has also been working on innovations of user identification by voice in real time. According to experts, the introduction of EBS technology is an excellent solution for banks. Because, globally speaking, they will sell user data for RUB 100 for each appeal.