Technology of payment systems

The technology of payment systems in cars is a fundamental new development at the junction of several developments

Synergy of the Internet of Things and cashless payment formats has led to the emergence of a unique technology of payment systems integrated into the car. Such a development was recently presented by the Japanese automobile concern Honda. Thus, payment for goods and services can be carried out through the car soon. But Honda is not the only motor manufacturer that entered this market. It is reported that Hyundai, Jaguar and General Motors are also developing similar systems.

Automobile companies cooperate with other companies to create automotive technology of payment systems

For the implementation of such projects, car manufacturers attract partners with extensive experience in related markets. It is logical — Honda, for example, is hardly familiar with the specifics of cashless payments. Therefore, the Japanese enlisted the support of VISA and other expert companies.

Hyundai Korea also creates a platform for making and accepting payments. In 2018, the company enlisted the support of IT firm Xevo to develop a system that will connect the technology of the connected Hyundai Blue Link car with Xevo Market to pay for parking lots and other goods and Jaguar has been working in the payment system market since 2017. At the same time the motor manufacturer showed a system for sensory tank refilling using Mobile Shell app. This development is already integrated into the latest models XE, XF and F-Race. The purchase passes through the system of non-cash payment PayPal or familiar to all Apple Pay and Google Pay. In the same 2017 year, the American auto giant General Motors announced the launch of the Marketplace app. It allows drivers to purchase not only gasoline, but also various food products through a program based on the 4G network.

Amazon is also in the game and is competing with auto companies

But not only manufacturers are fighting for the attention of drivers. In the fall of 2018, Amazon announced about the upcoming launch of the Echo Auto device. Using it, users will be able to connect Alexa voice assistant to the car via Bluetooth or traditional audio jack. The principle of Echo Auto is similar to the functionality of the Amazon Echo column. The person will need to just sound what goods he wants to buy, and then the system will do everything itself. It is known that the corporation of the billionaire Jeff Bezos has already reached an agreement on cooperation with BMW, Ford and other companies to create cars

Even further Harman International went in its developments, owned by Samsung. Developers already have a car platform Harman Ignite 3.0 at their disposal. It can be controlled from the phone and it is possible to “ask” the car to warm up in advance, wash the windows or turn on your favorite song.