the largest cyber-attacks

The biggest cyber-attacks are aimed to continue

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank, Stanislav Kuznetsov, during December 2018, the bank was subjected to a series of powerful cyber-attacks. According to the data provided, the main financial institution of the country was the victim of at least 18 attempts of hacking by hackers.

However, according to representatives of the company, none of them was successful. Kuznetsov claims that in 2019, the hackers do not refuse the idea to penetrate into the bank’s system. But their skills were not enough when faced with the automated protection system of Sberbank. As a result, none of cyber-attacks on activity of institution had no influence. The deputy chairman also noted that according to their experts, attempts of hacking will continue. Ironically, during the New Year holidays hackers also had a rest. Because during this period any attack wasn’t made. In his December interview Stanislav Kuznetsov said that such hacks are exposed not only Sberbank, but also the entire financial infrastructure of Russia. So, at the end of November, the bank underwent a series of six attacks of unprecedented power. DDoS attacks were carried out using spoofing (masking one program under another) from at least 100 servers from six countries.

Marriot chain recovered after the largest cyber attacks

Following the hacking of Marriott International’s largest hotel chain, rumors began to spread that more than 500 million visitors can now be found in the public domain. At the same time, hackers had full information about 327 million customers, up to their mobile numbers, address of residence and passport data. After the announcement of the hack, the official representatives of the hotel chain hastened to refute the figure of 500 million. According to their statement, at most, 383 million guests become victims of cyber-attacks. The information from passport data and payment cards could be withdrawn from an even smaller number. The report of their experts says that about 5.25 million guests may be worried that their unencrypted data is in the hands of fraudsters. Besides, 20.3 million more protected passport information got to malefactors. In addition, encrypted payment data of 8.6 million guests are also stolen due to cyber-attack on hotel servers. The management of the Marriott International chain reported successful hacking by hackers to law enforcement agencies in November 2018. As representatives of police declare, investigation on calculation of malefactors’ proceeds and the management of hotel assists work of public service.

In addition, the press service of Marriott said that guests, who suspect that their data could fall into the hands of swindlers, can contact the staff of the hotel. Hotel representatives will be able to provide accurate information on whether the customer has been included in this list online or by phone. Mariott International Corporation is one of the most popular companies that manage the hotel chain. According to the present data, the organization owns at least 6.5 thousand hotels in 127 countries. According to the annual report for 2017, the revenue of the network is USD 22 billion.