the market of postamats

The postamats market wins users

Payment system QIWI conducted a study according to which the Russian market of postamats by 2024 will increase by three to four times. Today, QIWI has a quite developed system of postamats, which includes about 2 thousand devices throughout the Russian Federation. According to the company’s executives, 5 hundred of this equipment can be found in the premises of large markets. Given that the first delivery service of QIWI became available in 2015, the growth of this network can not but amaze. Thus, in three years the number of available equipment has increased more than 65 times, the project manager notes. According to the information provided by the commercial director of the platform “QIWI Box Postamats”, Alexander Gadiyak, the growth in the use of the service in 2018 was 47%. The further development of the system is in the plans of the organization, he comments. However, users can already try out several available QIWI projects. It also includes delivery of products from supermarkets and C2C service.

Multichannel and development of the market of postamats

According to experts, the main reasons for such rapid development of the market of postamats can be called the fast-growing industry of e-commerce, as well as improving the quality of multichannel delivery. According to Morgan Stanley forecasts, the Russian sphere of online commerce will increase its profit almost to RUB 4 trillion in the next five years. Every year the competition between sellers is only growing, prompting retailers to self-improvement. Thus, in the next few years, companies will be in search of cheap and convenient services for delivery of goods, which are the postamats.

Also it should not be left unmentioned the main advantages of this type of delivery – multichannel. This characteristic is a wide variation in the choice of payment method and receipt of purchases. In addition, postamats meet the strict requirements of the modern market more than other delivery methods.
It is worth recognizing that today postamat is one of the most affordable and technologically advanced delivery services. Consumers do not need to worry about the place and time of the meeting with the courier, and the manufacturer, in turn, need not to pay for the work of the deliverer. In addition, feedback is as easy as transportation of goods. For example, it would be easier for a buyer to return an inappropriate item through a postamat than through the same supplier.

By the way, the QIWI Company has big plans for this type of service in 2019. On the site you can even find an offer for entrepreneurs who want to become partners of the corporation. If a businessman wants to install the equipment of the organization at his outlet, he only needs to fill out the form on the QIWI website. The subsequent costs of delivery and installation are borne by the company. By the way, thanks to the mobility of the equipment, installation and launch of the service on the new site takes no more than 30 minutes, because all the software has already been downloaded to QIWI Terminal.