Reduction of time of technological solutions to market (Time2Market) is one of the main tasks of fintech and banks

Now, many companies are concerned about reducing the time required for new IT development to enter the market and start to bring benefits. In the face of growing competition, it is important to increase profitability and fight for customer loyalty. This is also achieved through the development and implementation of new products and services. The problem in the way of the emergence of services is the lack of a single platform for their creation. What qualities should it have in order to interest the leading banks?

On the example of the newly appeared Digital2Go platform, it becomes clear that the main necessary conditions are openness and approachability. Three segments where the system is deployed: Internet, local area network (LAN), and a network segment containing public services (DMZ). The processing of client requests is provided by universal servers located in the DMZ. Database management systems as well as search services are located on the LAN. As noted, the public platform allows deploy services using a set of modern technologies in each segment of the network. In particular, HTML5 is used on the web UI side, programs are written in Java, and databases are built on Oracle solutions.

Fast Time2Market becomes a reality

An expert from the company BSS, engaged in remote banking services, noted that it is time to systematize and unify self-written banking software. In particular, Rostelecom has recently offered a common platform of biometric authentication of users. If you take the software that runs inside financial institutions, as well as the one that is used by the end user, it becomes clear that it is developing in one direction — towards a positive user experience. Particular attention should be paid to open platforms. Progress in development is due to the fact that companies like Facebook, Google and others, provided all interested organizations with frameworks and code snippets, as well as entire platforms. In particular, they were provided for work with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The same happens in the banking sector, but with only one amendment — open platforms for the development of new services are not free, but, nevertheless, they significantly save financial resources institutions at the expense of the finished software environment. BSS, which developed the Digital2Go platform for faster emergence of new services, occupies a leading position in the market of development and implementation of banking services. The organization employs more than 600 people, and the number of of major clients exceeds 50 (mainly financial structures of Russia and Kazakhstan).