what messengers work

What messengers work with payments? All popular are based on chatbots

Sometimes there is an opinion that messengers have replaced social networks. This statement is incorrect because instant messaging programs perform other functions and carry technological innovations. In particular, chatbots participate in the work of messengers using artificial intelligence systems. Already now robots lead the customer from the first contact to the purchase.

Anything can be embedded in messengers. Not surprisingly, that the developers of software opened their APIs for creating and customizing chatbots. The software has never developed as fast as the result of code sharing for everyone. The first level that is successfully given to intelligent robots is support. But the second, more important part of communication with the user is sales directly. To do this, payment solutions are integrated into messengers. In particular, LeoBot uses integration with Masterpass (a kind of wallet and bank plastic data store from Mastercard).

Facebook Messenger, Telegram: what messengers work with micropayments?

Facebook Messenger has advanced capabilities to create chatbots for every taste. But since we’re talking about the possibility of transferring money between users, the attentional should be paid to the Facebook Pay feature. This platform is available in the USA, UK and France. Thanks to the development, it is possible to transfer funds inside the messenger without commissions. Facebook Inc. has a license to issue digital assets. In the future, with the expansion of the service, the Messenger application is expected to be converted to a popular type of cross-border payments. The development potential of p2p crediting is huge.

Pavel Durov’s Telegram LLC has made automated functionality of creating bots of any direction. Telegram Payments, in turn, is a platform of interaction of electronic wallets like Apple Pay and processing center of the bank. Viber messenger attempted to create a wallet, but it appeared earlier than the market expected. Therefore, the project was curtailed because it was unnecessary. Viber payments still have a high potential if Viber Media S.à r.l. considers it necessary to revive them. Do not forget that Viber is the most popular messenger among users from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

One of the most advanced payment systems is in the Chinese messenger WeChat. The only drawback: the platform is popular exclusively in China. In vain — WeChat is something between an electronic passport and a wallet. It is an ideal tool for crowdfunding, p2p loans and micropayments. It is used in China everywhere — the similar penetration of messengers in other countries is only a dream.