Which online cash desk is better to choose?

Which online cash desk is better to choose: attention to dimensions and temperature conditions

The transition of entrepreneurs to settlement with the help of online cash desks is continuing in Russia. In particular, from the summer of 2018, all catering enterprises, which have hired employees, have to install appropriate systems. It should be said that these innovations are carried out in order to combat hidden incomes. However, the entrepreneur receives some financial benefits having installed the equipment: he underpays RUB 18 thousand, which he will take to purchase, install and configure the equipment.

All online cash desks are divided into two types: portable and cloud-based. The first are simpler for a starting entrepreneur who has not previously dealt with similar technologies. There are, for example, devices in the “all-in-one” format. Modular designs are available for more advanced users. For example, a receipt printer that connects to a smartphone. It should be understood that the default banking module cannot work with any payment institution of the Russian Federation. Example: an entrepreneur has an account in Sberbank, and the online cash desk is configured to VTB. There can be several solutions, up to a change of account or a more competent approach in choosing online cash. Anyway, it is possible to connect to the payment aggregator and pay commission on transactions, which in fact is not profitable. When choosing a portable device, attention should be drawn to the temperature mode of its use (if trade is conducted, for example, in open areas). Beginning entrepreneurs are not advised to use fixed cash desks: they deprive mobility and offer an enhanced set of features.

Which online cash desk is better to choose? Benefits of Cloud Services

If the main work of the entrepreneur is on the computer, the attention should be drawn to the fiscal registrar. Essentially, this is a set of software linked to a printer. There’s practically nothing in the system that can be broken. Cloud cash desks are relatively new services that have not yet won the market. All work with the system comes from computers, tablets or smartphones. At the same time, all employees can be in one cloud service, which is convenient for retail or small logistics organizations. In this case bills can be sent electronically or printed on a regular printer. This is reliable, since practice shows that the breakdown of miniature printers or the shortage of consumables are frequent reasons for stopping trade.

Cloud cashier can be synchronized with the software of fiscal authorities and thus automation of tax accounting. There is one important drawback in this scheme: the state likes to change the format of reporting documents. Therefore, in present conditions it isn’t necessary to hope for full integration with tax specialists and electronic document management at the moment.